Weather radar, satellite, wind, waves and hurricanes forecast best application is an uncommon device for weather conditions gauge representation. It’s quick, natural, definite and exact climate application confided in by proficient pilots, paragliders, skydivers, kiters, surfers, boaters, anglers, storm chasers and climate nerds, and even by states, armed force staffs and salvage groups.


Whether you are following a typhoon or possible extreme climate, arranging an excursion, seeking after your #1 outside game, or you simply have to be aware on the off chance that it will rain this end of the week, Windy gives you the most state-of-the-art weather conditions figure around.

The uniqueness of Windy lies in the way that it brings you preferred quality data over the other weather conditions applications’ favorable to highlights, while our item is totally free and even without promotions.

Strong, smooth and liquid show makes weather conditions estimating a genuine delight!

All figure models without a moment’s delay

Blustery presents to you all the world’s driving weather conditions estimating models: worldwide ECMWF, GFS and ICON in addition to neighborhood NEMS, AROME, ICON EU and ICON-D2 (for Europe). Besides NAM and HRRR (for the USA) and ACCESS (for Australia).

51 weather conditions maps

From wind, downpour, temperature and strain to grow or CAPE record, with Windy you will have all advantageous weather conditions maps right readily available.

Satellite and Doppler radar

Worldwide satellite composite is made from NOAA, EUMETSAT, and Himawari. The picture recurrence is 5-15 minutes in view of region. Doppler radar covers enormous pieces of Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.

Place of interests

Blustery allows you to show noticed breeze and temperature, guage climate, air terminals all over the Planet, assortment of 55 000 climate webcams and 1500+ paragliding spots right on the guide.

Completely adaptable

Add your #1 weather conditions guides to fast menu, redo variety range on any layer, access progressed choices in the settings. All that makes Windy the weather conditions nerd’s instrument of decision.

Highlights and information sources

✅ All driving weather conditions gauge models: ECMWF, GFS by NOAA, ICON and that’s just the beginning

✅ A few neighborhood weather conditions models NEMS, ICON EU and ICON-D2, AROME, NAM, HRRR, ACCESS

✅ High-Res satellite composite

✅ Figure model examination

✅ 51 worldwide weather conditions maps

✅ Climate radar for the overwhelming majority world areas

✅ 16 height levels from the surface to 13.5km/FL450

✅ Metric or majestic units

✅ Itemized weather conditions gauge for any area (temperature, downpour and snow collection, wind speed, wind blasts and wind heading)

✅ Point by point Airgram and Meteogram

✅ Meteogram: temperature and dew point, wind speed and wind blasts, pressure, precipitation, elevation overcast cover

✅ Height and Time zone data, Sunrise and Sunset time for any area

✅ Adjustable rundown of Favorite spots (with the choice to make versatile or email cautions for impending atmospheric conditions)

✅ Close by weather conditions stations (Real-time noticed climate – Reported breeze bearing, wind speed and temperature)

✅ 50k+ Airports accessible by ICAO and IATA, including runway data, decoded and crude METARs, TAF and NOTAMs

✅ 1500+ Paragliding spots

✅ Point by point wind and wave estimate for any kiting or riding spot

✅ 55K Weather webcams

✅ Tide gauge

✅ Geographical guides by and Satellite symbolism by Here Maps

✅ English + 40 other world dialects

…furthermore, some more

Breezy Maps by diagram the entire world exhaustively. Whether you love climbing, trekking, or skiing, you will partake in this application. Plan your course and get to the objective on account of turn by turn vacationer voice route that works additionally disconnected. Escape the city and begin seeing the world with Windy Maps.

Key highlights:

• Most nitty gritty world guides with traveler trails, bikeways and ski pistes

• Free voice route for riders, bikers and climbers in English. You can likewise utilize TTS voice.

• Turn by turn vehicle route, bicycle route, strolling headings

Travel tips in your environmental elements

• Disconnected course arranging with height profiles

• Disconnected search spots, directions and classes including open hours and contacts

• Estimating distance by two fingers on the guide

• Submitting photos of spots

Indeed, even disconnected you can:

• Utilize downloaded guides or districts

• Search areas from one side of the planet to the other

• Track down the course and explore at places without web associations

You will partake in this application!

✔ Wind alert: Set up windalert and know about wind advance notice by means of message pop-ups

✔ Climate history (document) for 2012-2021: view wind information, temperature (constantly) and barometrical tension. Weather conditions chronicle will assist you with picking the greatest month for movement to the spot.

✔ Neighborhood figure from NOAA: temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin, stickiness, wind speed, precipitation (downpour and snow). Estimate for 10 days with 3 hours step in measurement or royal units: m/s (mps), mph, km/h, knt (knout), bft (beaufort), m, ft, mm, cm, in, hPa, inHg. NOAA is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/National Weather Service (nws).

✔ Wave figure: sea or ocean conditions, sea waves and ocean grow, fishing gauge

✔ Enlivened breeze tracker: climate radar for cruising, yachting and kiting in light wind

✔ Wonderful climate gadget on home screen

✔ Tempest and typhoon tracker: a guide of hurricanes (typhoons, storms, tropical storms) all over the planet

✔ Free nautical diagrams map: view water profundity, sea tides and flows, float information

✔ Cloud base/Dewpoint information: essential climate data for charming paragliding

✔ Spots: over 30.000 spots arranged and situated by the sort and region. Add your spots to top choices.

✔ Spot talks. Got anemometer? Share data about weather patterns and wind bearing in the visit from a kite spot.

✔ Local area: trade climate projections on the spot. Need to be a neighborhood/spot pioneer? s

 the name of your spot at and we will make a visit for it.

✔ Weather conditions Stations: online information from adjacent web-based weather conditions stations.

✔ Disconnected Mode: enact disconnected mode and actually look at the gauge for your exercises without web association.

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